you will never come close to how I feel.

What a fun running around Friday! I drove all the way to an estate sale that was closed, thanks estate sale company for not removing the ad from the papers all week long. Ate at a Japanese restaurant that was praised in the papers for a certain dish, which didn’t live up to the appraise. But they did end up having fantastic dumplings and I loveee dumplings. Went to my favorite antique store and found a dress and ring which I am sure I will be posting sometime in the near future and I found two 40’s-50’s vintage shirts with the tags still on them for Storyland Vintage which is very rare indeed. So it was a hit/miss kind of day and I am beginning to think staying indoors is less depressing than driving around and seeing piles of snow that are taller than most houses. Where is spring?

60’s schoolgirl style dress – I don’t know if this is a legit vintage dress or a repro, but I got it for basically free trading clothes at Beacon’s Closet.
Lace-up boots – Forever 21

hearts, meg

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