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Once upon a time, I began selling my used clothing on Livejournal when I was 17 under the name Drop Your Drawers. As my music went backwards into the 80’s so did my clothing and instead of wearing new clothes I was hitting the thrifts and with that the little business I had created changed. Drop Your Drawers was now a Ebay store and later a store I built on my very own website. But out of high school and not as into my “in your face” store title I began to feel uncomfortable saying my store name to adults when they asked what my store was called. I was especially uncomfortable when I would check my website traffic logs and see that a large amount of traffic was coming in to my website from unsavory(to say the least) web searches when I was just trying to sell vintage dresses.

For a few years I had the name Storyland in my head, I felt it described me, my attitude and my style, but most of all paid homage to my past and what I am constantly inspired by. I asked friends for opinions about changing the name and some thought DYD was what made me stick out amongst a list of other vintage shops. So I kept it a year or two longer. But my heart was still set on changing the name, and so in 2009 I took the plunge, I changed the name to Storyland Vintage.

my first trips to Great Escape. from bottom left my chubby leg self with my mother and bottom right my sister and I exiting the shoe

It’s no surprise that I have a deep love for dark rides and amusement parks as I have blogged about them quite often. But what I haven’t spoken about is that I spent almost every summer of my childhood as did my brother and sister at an amusement park in upstate NY, Great Escape. When I was still inside my mothers belly I was there, the first summer after I was born I was there, the years after that I was there. Great Escape had a Storytown a fantastic array of nursery rhyme characters and small houses from the 50’s to walk through and play inside along with all the fun rides you expect at any park. This type of park wasn’t uncommon in the 50’s but there are few left surviving today, and its sad that kids today have such little options when it comes to amusement parks, it’s mostly only ride parks now and there are 5 year olds on rides today I would have never gone on at their age! I owe some of my personal creativity and love of vintage and antiques to that park and to Charlie Wood the creator. I wish everyday could be like a trip to the amusement park, so that’s where Storyland Vintage came in. There are even a few parks called Storyland scattered around the U.S. and although I didn’t directly draw inspiration or my name from them, it’s nice to see that they are still around providing a place for children to experience the same things I did as a child even though for me it was the late 80’s early 90’s.

hearts, meg

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