My name is Meg and I’m a mini golf master 😉 Okay, maybe not a master per say but I do love the sport! Yes, it is a sport just because I can wear heels and skirts and mini golf places are usually in such adorable surroundings does not disqualify it from being deemed one! ;p Anyway after I played, I met up with an old friend, Mr. Clown and we shared some laughs…god I am such a dork.

Wardrobe: Dress – vintage ♥ Jewelry – vintage ♥ JacketLulu’sBelt – Anthropologie ♥ SneakersKeds(my favorite!)

hearts, meg

meg darling

Hello there I'm meg darling!
I am a vintage clothing & costume enthusiast, owner of Storyland Vintage, fun seeker, Elvis lover, cocktail drinker. EST 1987.

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