There’s a Little Bit of Magic, Everybody Has It

Something crazy awesome happened recently! Want to know what it was? Well come closer ;)…I was on the way driving upstate for a few days with my mother and she asked me if I wanted to stop at a thrift store we used to go to a lot in the past, but hadn’t been to in awhile. But if I went there I wouldn’t be able to go to a antique store, because the thrift store was kinda out of the way. I was feeling the thrift so off we went. Before I got in the store I was thinking about how it would be great if I could just find the suit I needed for my Halloween costume and told my Mom to keep an eye out whenever we were out shopping in the coming weeks for it.

When we got to the store it was completely renovated and immediately I wasn’t feeling like my trip would be to prosperous, usually cleaner thrift stores suck in my opinion. In years past I’d come out of there with several bags but unfortunately I just wasn’t finding anything. But as I was making my way to the front of the store to leave I began looking through the womens suits and my Mom told me she looked through them already. But, right in front of me there was a suit set eerily similar to the one I was looking for, it even had an olive green blouse underneath the plaid suit jacket. My Mom said “that wasn’t there a minute ago” and so I grabbed it, tried the jacket on and it fit!!! I couldn’t believe it, I found pretty much exactly what I was looking for! How often does that happen when thrifting for a vintage suit and minutes after putting it into the universe?! I then walked over to the shoe section and picked up a brown pair of heels that looked as though them may fit, and those fit too! I happily trotted to the register to discover the suit set was half-off, BAM! Halloween costume under $20! I put it out there on that trip that I was looking for a matching pink 1950’s lady lamp, the board-game Seance and other random things, but sadly those wishes have yet to be answered 😉 😀

hearts, meg
Ps. I don’t usually reveal anything of my Halloween costume before the big day, but I just had to share this story behind it! Stay tuned for the full fledged Halloween costume post after the big day.

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