the magical forest.

me, my niece and uncle sam

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of fulfilling a long-term dream/goal of mine of visiting The Magic Forest with my niece. I never went there when I was little because my parents always took my siblings and I to the bigger amusement park down the road, The Great Escape. Soon after my niece was born though I decided once she was of age we were going because I wanted her to have the pictures she should have on kitschy old vintage rides like we all had growing up(which The Great Escape no longer provides due to the Six Flags takeover of the park !#$@). And of course I wanted to see what vintage goodies they had for my own personal enjoyment so it was a win win! CAUTION! Image heavy post!

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once I saw this thing in the entrance to the park I knew it would be a good time, no I am not kidding
posing with a sweet lass
despite the spot, i think this is a beautiful photo and i will always look back at it with a fond memory of a beautiful summer afternoon
there was a little mock? church on the property, im not religious but it was beautiful and the lighting was pretty and its just nice to see one at an amusement park still
my niece and her elvis style sunglasses on a train ride
oh HOW YOU 'DOIN? aka I was checking out a plaster/metal/who knows figure
snow white walk through, it was awesome and played a sleeping beauty song while I was inside(wait, what?)
i don't know what artist did these figures throughout the park but I hope this one isn't a portrait of someone because it is the most socially awkward figure i have ever seen
nickelodeon house, because obviously there was a sale on the figures. i don't know
cinderella walk through, love the outfits and expressions in this one!
prince charming, i know you are taken but HOW YOU 'DOIN?

meg wanders around alone in the storybook forest…..
he is just so attractive
her proportions are just so lifelike
i really did have a fantastic time running around snapping photos, i absolutely love vintage amusement parks
This made me think of Labyrinth

Before we left the moment finally came..I got to see the horse dive and look I even took a video!
I had been wondering and waiting for years to see the horse dive and it was all over in seconds

I highly suggest The Magic Forest if you are traveling in the Lake George area, as long as your kids aren’t too old and can appreciate kiddy rides or you are like me and love vintage amusement parks. I thoroughly enjoyed how small and how non-commercial it was. For example there was one bathroom, one snack place and only one soda machine that sold strictly Aquafina water, no Pepsi/Coke signs everywhere so that was refreshing not to see. I can’t wait to return when my nephew can also ride the rides with his sister! ♥

hearts, meg

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