the horror in an ancient photo album.

When looking through an old family album or photos, you may encounter a horrifying photograph…the postmortem picture. Or in laymens terms, a picture of a deceased family member. In yesteryear’s when many family’s moved to America and left their home countries behind, relatives in the home country would send pictures to the relatives in America to show a picture from the funeral and even to prove that the person had passed away. “Dearest Mother, I would have never guessed Grandmother would ever leave us, she was a real pistol-whip. I couldn’t believe it until I saw the photograph.”

This unfortunately happened to me yesterday as I was looking through my Swedish great Grandfathers pictures and I have come up with a simple solution to the problem!

Put the sticky part of the post-it either on the back of the picture if it’s a loose photo, or if it is in an album, place the sticky part of the Post-it as shown above. Now your pictures are safe to flip through! Use Post-its because you care. Use a Post-it just can’t throw out the picture but you certainly don’t want that picture to scare you at night.

hearts, meg

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