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Movies like State Fair really make me wonder if romance is dead in modern times. Vintage movies make me feel so lovely while watching them but then afterward I feel like a hopeless romantic because it just feels so hopeless to think that in this day an age a man would propose to you only days after knowing you or even be remotely romantic on a date. Most women would probably think a man was crazy if he did that nowadays, I know I would it’s just not what happens anymore. When Margy and Pat sit down to talk over cokes, I think back to all the dates I’ve been on when a guy stops a conversation to answer his cell phone or sent text messages. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, HOW RUDE! And all Pat wants to do in that moment in time is get to know Margy and spend time with her. I’d like to think romance isn’t dead because I think it’s extremely important especially in serious relationships and marriage and I know I appreciate the romantic and creative things guys have done for me in the past. Unfortunately things just seem to become increasingly unromantic as technology progresses and it’s sad, the more old movies I watch the more I wish there was a time machine.

Red wrap-dress – vintage
Boots – Century 21

hearts, meg

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