taking chances.

When I served as a guest-host for RCN radio this past April, I had no idea what I was in for, I had never even really listened to the station before except the few times I have borrowed my Dads car(his radio station is always on 103.9). But my Dad brought up a few times the radio guest-hosting gig they were having and one night I ended up filling out the form on the website not expecting anything of it. I was shocked when I found out I had received a phone call from radio host Brando that I had landed a spot!

I experienced a range of emotion in those few minutes. I was so surprised I was chosen, very nervous at the thought of hosting but then I was also excited about the opportunity. I had a little experience hosting as I went by DJ Aquarius in high school with a one night a week music show I hosted online after a show my friend did. Every show opened with “Age of Aquarius” and I played music I was listening to at the time which then was anything from 1980’s pop music to bands on Saddle Creek records to Blonde Redhead. The night before the show I was busy finding articles and brainstorming topics I wanted to talk about on the show but I was also filled with endless worry about how I was going to do. I was cursing myself for putting myself up to the challenge knowing how shy I am but I managed to psych myself up knowing how outgoing I can be. On the very early morning drive to the station I was excited, worried about filling airtime and hoping the morning would fly by. But that all changed once I got there and that first hour passed, I relaxed and didn’t want it to end. I had a lot of fun going back and forth with Brando and asking listeners “What’s up my skirt?” which was a tweak on a male hosts version of “What’s in my pants?” for a chance to win a pair of concert tickets. I will never forget the 4 hours I spent hosting a radio show and despite being extremely nervous, I am so glad I took the chance and gave it a shot because it was a great experience and sooo much fun!

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