She’s a Keeper

One of the most common questions I get asked as a vintage seller is “How do you not keep all the stuff?” And while I hoard many vintage clothes you know in the event I have a stylish boyfriend or kiddos some day, not everything I sell is my style, my size and I got bills to pay, this is a business…GOSH! ;p But occasionally I’ll be in the middle of photographing a dress and be thinking about how awesome I think it would look on me. This 1950s style 1990s dress did just that to me. I went through all the photos and was about to start editing and listing and said I need to try it on so then I claimed it as my own and we lived happily ever after ❤️

This weather certainly doesn’t feel like winter or December…

Wardrobe – 90’s Dress – Dawn Joy Fashions ♥ Earrings – vintage ♥ Belt – vintage ♥ Tights – Target brand ♥ Heels – Naturalizer

hearts, meg

meg darling

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