she puts her hands against the life she had, living with ignorance blissful and sad.

Sorry these pictures are awful, I was rushing out of the house for the night and wanted to snap a few pics before I left. Other than that, I have had an enjoyable albeit busy week measuring and organizing new items I snapped the week before. I can’t wait to get them up on Etsy and Ebay! Other than that I went to an uneventful estate sale this week and saw the movie Blue Valentine, I highly recommend seeing it but then again I obviously love Ryan Gosling so I am biased by my love;)

Gray foldy top – Lulu’s. Most annoying top ever, I pinned it before I left because it kept showing my unmentionables then I had to re-pin it when I was out. tres annoyant. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you enjoy showing that much skin.
Printed vintage mini skirt – Estate sale. I had this on Mona all ready to photograph for SLV and took it off because I knew it would fit me.
Blazer – thrifted, favorite blazer ever, it didn’t really go I think its more dressy but my plainer blazer was in the wash and it was cold out so next time!
Heels – Sofft, Marshalls

hearts, meg

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