saint patricks.

St. Patricks day was spent seeing Miss Kathy Griffin on Broadway with my mama. She put on a fantastic show and I had seen her live before but this time she just seemed to really let loose. She told stories about things that happened to her the night before and that had happened while she was in NY which was some of my favorite parts of the show. My mom and I sat in the first center row of the balcony(hello less expensive seats!) and I was just in awe of the beauty of the Belasco theater. There were painted angels on the walls and I felt closer to god because we were so high up and the painted angels, and then I look down and there was Kathy cursing her mouth off as always. Now if that isn’t holy I don’t know what is;) Afterward, I had to use the ladies room and even that was gorgeous. By the time I got out of there most people had left, but as we walked down stairs I noticed there was 100 or so people still sitting in front of the stage and Kathy came out and did some Q&A questions which we were invited to stay for. We got to hear her joke off-the-cuff and answer questions from the audience and Tiffany even came out to help her at one point. She does exist! Someone asked her about what happened to Life on the D-List, but she didn’t respond. The following day I watched a new comedy special of hers on DVR that played on Bravo when I was at her show and while a few of the jokes were the same, she was 100% more animate for NY than Milwaukee. It was definitely the best St. Patrick’s day I’ve ever had. ♥

Pink black lace tiered ruffle dress – Ideeli, Gracie
Green scarf – handmade by me
Black blazer – vintage

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