Today’s outfit is the reason I say “Play dress-up everyday at Storyland Vintage!” I woke up on the later side this morning, decided it would be a “casual” Friday, that I wanted to wear my high waisted jeans and that I didn’t want to bother with drying my hair. So wet messy bun and vintage scarf in the hair it was! When I picked out the vintage blouse I realized how my look was taking on a very Rosie the Riveter vibe, and rolled up my jeans a bit and put on heeled sandals to dress it up a bit more. I guess someone else agreed because as I was on the side of the road getting some delicious Ralph’s Italian ice a man yelled “ROSIEEEEE” at me out of a passing car. Later in the day I felt very patriotic carrying a flag on a pole around a store for my Mother, just don’t tell anyone my scarf had a Canada print haha! 😉 It may not be for everyone, but my look made me feel very empowered and vivacious today and if there’s one thing I believe in, it’s that fashion should be fun and make you smile, making others smile is just a bonus, kittens!

Wardrobe: Canada Scarf – Vintage ♥ Earrings – don’t remember! ♥ Blouse – 1960’s vintage

hearts, meg

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