pretend love.

It’s funny how a corny holiday can make you evaluate your love life or lack there of. All your past experiences, past relationships, crushes, bad dates and past Valentines the good and bad(like my getting a college rejection letter ON Valentines Day). And on a day where I could be sad and mope about not having a special someone, I’m not! I am happy to be alone, proud in fact. Yes I am proud to be single because so many women are out there right now having dinner with guys who don’t love let alone respect them, telling themselves that the way their boyfriends treat them is okay and accepting it and settling for a relationship that will never go anywhere and wasting their precious time on someone that doesn’t deserve it. Well that isn’t me……this year at least! This year I’m my valentine, I choose me and tonight I’m gonna enjoy a bottle of champagne and a movie. I’ll probably make it a romantic one because it is valentines after all. Happy Valentines Day!

Pink feathered hat – Vintage, antique store that I love.
Lace top – BB Dakota

hearts, meg

meg darling

Hello there I'm meg darling!
I am a vintage clothing & costume enthusiast, owner of Storyland Vintage, fun seeker, Elvis lover, cocktail drinker. EST 1987.

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