I would like to take a pause in the regularly scheduled Storyland Vintage Blog programming to bring up a topic that is hitting close to home as of late and that I feel could be useful information especially to the young ladies that may read my blog..

I will be attending a new college in the Fall and I was instructed to take a short online class on domestic violence before class starts in the Fall. In this class I learned that 1 in 3 women* are affected by domestic violence. Domestic violence doesn’t just mean physical harm, it also entails verbal assault and stalking. To learn more about domestic violence, abuse, stalking and healthy relationships you can visit the following websites:,, signs causes and affects, and this site has a ton of different information.This site discusses text-messaging harassment which I am sure most young males and females have both experienced.
*This statistic was pulled from this article.

Sorry if this sounded like a public service announcement! But I felt it was a topic not spoken about enough and if I could arm just one woman with this knowledge and it could help her in the future from getting hurt then its worth it to me. :)

Picture is from my Swedish relatives collection.

hearts, meg

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