My Halloween costume stemmed from a food shopping trip to ShopRite with my mama a few months ago where I picked up this adorable shopping bag featuring the ShopRite can can girls. I posted a pic of the bag on Instagram and realized that the new can-can girl kinda resembles me! Living on Long Island my whole life I was no stranger to the can-can sale commercials growing up, I admired their long legs, their glamorous outfits and loved that catchy song! I am certainly not a dancer but I’ve been interested in the can-can/saloon style all my life and luckily my mama is an excellent seamstress and helped me whip up this fun dress!

I even won a costume contest with my boyfriend/Griff from Back to the Future 2..


Wardrobe: Dress & Bow – Handmade ♥ ChokerParty CityFeather & EyelashesJoann’sGloves – Windsor(had these forever) ♥ Heels – XOXO(also have had these forever and never wore them!)
hearts, meg

meg darling

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