oh em gee megs 23!

i am an ice cream cake kinda girl
just hanging out in a bathroom

I spent my birthday eating brick-oven pizza one of my favorite meals and hitting the thrifts with my mom. By night I was eating Japanese with the boyfriend for dinner and hanging out with my friends at a empty bar and hanging around in the bathroom taking silly pics!

goofball pics and go! this is the nice face
i call this one the model face
and here is the snookiesk khloe kardashian pout

My Friday night consisted of eating at a sleazy pizza place in Park Slopeish that wasn’t too bad actually and then attending the Delta Spirit show near by which in turn I never saw because I fainted before they came on. Apparently I didn’t drink enough water that day and I knew I wasn’t feeling good and that I was going to go down but by the time I was looking for a way out of the crowd with my bf, I was on the floor. What a drama queen! Had to go and faint, miss seeing her favorite band that she had been wanting to see again since November 2008! Luckily he got me out of there screaming at people to move out of the way and apparently a member of the band The Willowz helped dragged me out. Did I know this though? I was in my own passed out world, dreaming and couldn’t see when I did have my eyes open! But boy would I have freaked out but would have secretly loved to wake up and see a long brown haired boy looking at me “Jesus?” hahaaa It was definitely an interesting birthday to say the least, but I wish I could go back in time and get a do over. There is always next year though!

Carnival Dress – Anna Sui for Anthropologie, I bought this with Christmas moneys and although I love it and HAD to get it with my love for vintage amusement parks I feel guilty wearing it because it was a) expensive and b) Miss Sui totally ripped off a vintage(my guess drapery) fabric and plopped it under a plain black bodice and gets to stick a “fabric copyrighted” sticker on it! I could tell it was a vintage rip-off from the website and I may even come upon it in my vintage travels but to find a tag on the dress when I got it that said “copyrighted” made me laugh. So some designer can go to a Flea Market and buy a vintage fabric pop it on a dress and call it there own design and buy the copyright? Ridiculous! But, I still love it…guiltily so.
Belt – Vintage, thrifted
Cardigan – Forever 21
Boots – Poetic License from Overstock. OH YEAH! I actually own two pairs of these because I love them so much! Okay storytime: I first laid eyes on these at Zappos.com and saved it to my favorites, they were originally around $300. One day I was going through my bookmarks and Zappos had them lowered to about $250 and I deleted it from my favorites deciding that they would never be mine. One day I to popped the brand into Overstock.com and there were my boots, over $100 less than Zappos “sale” price!! They have matching band like ribbon details on the sides and a disco-y lining! It’s like a party inside my shoe! My second pair was bought for a mere $65 from the O because I feel the need to stock up when I adore something, comfy shoes are a rare commodity for me.
Earrings – Urban Outfitters

hearts, meg

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