mix it up.

I tend to revolve my daily outfits around a vintage dress, top or skirt. I just love wearing vintage! And to be honest, I guess my love of vintage can also be attached to the utter disdain I experienced of having friends copy things I wore as a wee-lass(I was a very dramatic child;p). That’s not to say I haven’t done my fair share of mimicking styles, I went through that phase a few times in my adolescence. But whenever I tried my own thing then and was copied, I didn’t take the “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” to heart. Depending on what that imitation is today, I wouldn’t be too keen on being copied today which is maybe a teeny percentage of why I lean towards wearing vintage. Occasionally however, I put away the vintage and switch it up and wear something newer and mass produced like in the case of this beautiful knit, black and white dress which came from a very unlikely source.

Wardrobe: Dress – Victoria’s Secret (on sale) ♥ Mint Sweater – Forever 21

hearts, meg

meg darling

Hello there I'm meg darling!
I am a vintage clothing & costume enthusiast, owner of Storyland Vintage, fun seeker, Elvis lover, cocktail drinker. EST 1987.

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