little girl they just don’t know about the weight you carry in your soul.

Oh no! It’s almost Thanksgiving and I am already thinking about Christmas and all the gifts I have to purchase. It’s so stressful this time of year but it’s always worth the stress in the end to be all together again with my family. In other news, I watched Spice World(via instant Netflix) for the first time in years recently and was shocked to discover I remembered ALL the lines, literally all of them. I also remembered all the screen-shots that were on the trading cards. I didn’t even think I liked the movie that much but apparently I watched it enough to remember it as vividly as Clueless. When I was little my friends and I would play Spice Girls and I always had wanted to be Baby(I looked the most like her) or Ginger(I liked her personality best) but I had to be Posh. And well Posh was the classiest and ended up having a pretty great life but I still owned the platform sneakers like Baby. Favorite line from a Spice Girls song is “I want a man not a boy who thinks he can” SNAP SNAP! Favorite Spice Girls song is The Lady is a Vamp because even when I was a wee lass I loved a great reference to old Hollywood.

Black jersey top – Just bought this from New York & Company
50’s vintage skirt – Ramona West Vintage, I believe
Black ruffle coat – Just bought this on clearance from Marshalls, DKNY. I didn’t even think I’d like it and I certainly didn’t need a new coat but I tried it on and it fit me so perfectly and that’s just how it happens ladies am I right or am I right? haha
Sunglasses – Forever 21

hearts, meg

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