life is but a zoo.

When my sister visited last month we took a little trip with the kids to the zoo and I being the youngest in my family, I am still very much a kid at heart so I enjoyed it almost as much as they did! Humans and animals interacting is and will always be hysterical and me and that giraffe was no exception. In the photo above, you see me posing all hunky-dory with a giraffe but a few minutes after that I decided to put my arm up for a photo and its head swung towards me so fast I got so scared I almost fell over. Then there was me and the talking bird Gomez. I sung to him, he danced, he sang back, I said hello, he said it back, I said “how you ‘doin” he whistled at me suggestively. But the kicker was when I began to gloat a little about my ability to get him to interact and he responded by LAUGHING AT ME! That bird is a funny dude.



Remind me to not do teacups again though, my resistance to nausea from that ride is much less than when I younger. ;p

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