let's call the whole thing off.

So, I had this cute idea I thought to take a picture of myself with 1 of my 5 cats for 5 days Monday-Friday. I thought it would be a cute little addition to my normal wardrobe photos, but unfortunately my cats weren’t willing participants of this project. Fred, seen above is my only male cat and the mushiest of the bunch(because that’s how boy cats are) and the one who likes to be picked up the most, so when even he was scared of the camera, I had an inkling this wouldn’t go as planned. The following day I attempted to take a picture with Fred’s kind of twin Ginger and she was just not having it, she wanted to get as far from me and the camera as possible. Any pictures with her were trashed because even though I was smiling in them her face read “GET ME OUTTA HERE!” which is kind of the face Fred’s making in the 3rd picture.

Vintage 50’s dress – Beacon’s Closet

Fred loves: long walks on the beach, running to the fridge when it is opened, chasing his sisters around the house, laying on the floor belly up, playing fetch and bringing the ball back to mommy and nanny(hes like a dog) and sitting at the kitchen counter like this:

hearts, meg

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