land of freedom.

Freedomland is one of my favorite defunct vintage amusement parks. It celebrated the history of the United States and it was also home to my favorite dark ride growing up, The Tornado. The Tornado was open for many years at Great Escape, NY but then Six Flags decided to throw it out for an awful kiddie coaster. So while I never got to actually go to Freedomland(in this life) I got to see pieces of it growing up at Great Escape and I LOVED all of it.

Freedomland taught children about our country and allowed them to play and have fun in it, something that is missing from amusement parks today. I am always stunned when I am on line for a roller-coaster and a 6 year old is on the line in front of me. “When I was a kid”(which was sooo long ago) I went on children’s rides and was too scared and small to go on the big rides and found excitement in the ones I could ride. In honor of this Memorial Day holiday which is the weekend it probably would have opened for the season, let’s take a look back and imagine spending a summer afternoon at Freedomland..

Thanks to all the lovely people on Youtube for sharing their Freedomland videos. Some day I will upload my mothers families video of their trip to Freedomland which was shot by my Pop Pop:)

hearts, meg

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