Kiss Me I’m Irish!

This St. Patrick’s Day I decided to don a gorgeous 1940’s dress & capelet set that I had in my closet for years but never wore. Even if all I got was a photograph in my green outfit, I finished off my night with a green frozen lime daiquiri, yum! Hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day whether you are of Irish decent or Irish just for the day as they say 😀

Wardrobe: Green Lace Print Dress & Capelet – 1940’s vintage, Varsity Junior ♥ Clip on’s – vintage ♥ Cat-eye Sunglasses – used a birthday giftcard to purchase these, Ralph Lauren RL8110 Sunglasses-54488E Black/White(Grad Green Lens)-55mm

hearts, meg

meg darling

Hello there I'm meg darling!
I am a vintage clothing & costume enthusiast, owner of Storyland Vintage, fun seeker, Elvis lover, cocktail drinker. EST 1987.

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