Just Passin’ Through.

My family has always teased me for my wardrobe and appearance while traveling, my response back was always “you never know who you’ll meet!” I don’t understand why its such a weird thing, I wear dresses all the time why would I change who I am to sit in a car. I’ve done the jeans and t-shirt while traveling thing and believe me its not as comfortable to curl up for a nap in the backseat with womens denim jeans cutting off circulation haha.

Whenever we are traveling home from upstate New York back to Long Island we always make it a habit to stop at this particular diner for lunch and there is a woman there that remembers me for my dresses despite being many miles from home. As usual I had a dress on last month while passin’ through…

Wardrobe: Tropical Floral Dress – 1980’s vintage ♥ Hair Flower – made by me ♥ Cardigan – Forever 21 ♥ Sandals – Repro vintage I bought on Ebay

hearts, meg

meg darling

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