july, july!

I always have mixed emotions when July rolls around, it feels like summer is almost over and makes me feel that much closer to September when god awful school would start. A little dramatic yes? But it would make me feel like the glass was not half full then and it’s no different now. Going to public school really messed with my brain and makes me feel like I have to quickly get in all the summer activities I want to do, all the trips I want to go on and for Storyland Vintage, all the item photos because sunlight isn’t as cooperative the rest of the year. I would probably be more relaxed in California…someday.


Apron top – vintage
Heart necklace – vintage
Jeans – AG china doll. I seriously own 3 pairs of jeans, 2 of these same exact ones and 1 from F21. Alright I have some older designer jeans from high school tucked away from when I wore a really tiny size(thanks track), if I don’t fit in them soon though, I am setting them free! They feel so nice though..
Blue cork heels – Me Too (my feet like these too shockingly)

hearts, meg

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