its better to have loved, then to have never loved at all.

Tonight I watched the original Marie Antoinette movie starring Norma Shearer as Marie Antoinette, Tyrone Power as the handsome Count Axel de Fersen and John Barrymore as King Louis XV. It was a beautifully tragic and depressing movie that had some similarity’s to the 2006 film. I felt that this version told the story more in depth than the newer movie did of course but it some ways pushed parts of Marie’s life into the shadows which is most likely a sign of the times in the 30’s. It was a beautifully staged movie, with luxurious costumes and jewelry, and while it was not as colorful as Coppola’s being in black and white I managed to be almost as entranced. Shearer’s acting managed to annoy me in the first few minutes of the film and have me fully engaged moments later. Plus there is a birdcage headpiece with a real bird in it a top her head. Watch it.
hearts, meg

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