i enter the wilderness with nothing but a childish sense of wonder.

Besides embarking on THE roadtrip, we also did some traveling to my familys lakehouse in Upstate, NY and even ventured off to a beautiful rock cave nearby that I had never been to. It was filled with flowing waters, trees, mushrooms, moss♥ and of course rocks!

70s childrens vintage Frontiertown tshirt – antique store that was closing.
Denim shorts – Urban Outfitters, the zipper doesn’t stay up these suck

And on the way home again..home again..

Me pretending to be one of the door knockers in Labyrinth. Shortly after this photo was taken said pretzel brand truck rolled on past us.

Dress – Urban Outfitters Clearance. it was comfy for the drive back
Sunglasses – F21. i miss you..why’d you have to go and die on me?

hearts, meg

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