i can see the sunshine through my window.

It’s tempting to stay in my pajamas all day when I’m pretty much home all week either working on class assignments or working on Storyland Vintage. I mean no ones gonna see me, it doesn’t matter. But today was one of those days where I felt like getting dolled up, even though I would be in front of the computer all day. And hey I’m not complaining, I love working on Storyland and I have recently taken up the love of watching instant Netflix movies while working! I can kill two birds with one stone! I can make the 500 movies in my Netflix queue go down and make the “items to list” on Storyland number go down as well! Getting things accomplished makes me happy, as did my springy outfit today. Pictures are via my web-cam as I still have not yet learned how to use my digital SLR’s remote.

Vintage Dress – Ebay
Vintage Belt – from another dress I bought on Ebay
Speckled Sweater – Urban Outfitters, sale rack:)

hearts, meg

meg darling

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