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Hello my name is meg and I love vintage clothing and this is a heavy text entry.

I feel weird about generalizing that statement and just saying that I love fashion because it can be construed as designer chasing, shop-a-holic and air-headed. I’m not really into the majority of things that “fashion lovers” are into. I don’t enjoy runway shows, the only time I enjoy them is when Betsey Johnson is cartwheeling her way down one, I don’t like Vogue and I don’t go ga-ga over designers. I’m especially not into designers and American magazines that idolize unrealistic images of women. I also don’t like paying for a magazine that is 80% full page advertisements, whats the point anymore? The only magazine I subscribe to is Lucky Magazine and I’ve been subscribing to it for years because while it has designer goods I can see the clothing, shoe, handbag items for what they are in plain form, on a white background and not on a manipulated model image which makes it easy to cut and paste into my notebook. They also feature an array of staff members posting a selection of items each issue. Another favorite magazine of mine is Lula which recently started popping up in my local Barnes and Noble again after a long absence. Lula is the most gorgeous magazine that take a more artistic and girlish look at clothing. I remember a few years ago when I thought I had wanted to attend FIT that the interviewer(a man who had his own short lived TV show that got canceled HA) had mocked me for writing on a questionnaire that my favorite magazine was Lucky amongst the many other cocky comments he had made(he was one of those guys with a snobby rich guy voice). I did end up taking some fashion courses just not there and one of my teachers told me after class once how she used to sell vintage in Manhattan and who picked up some of her clothes many moons ago? Anna Sui. You know what she did in turn, snip snap its part of her new line. Sometimes when I go to estate sales and they see I’m buying clothes they ask me “are you a designer?” I simply reply no. I wonder how many times a “designer” has stormed into there sales before and snatched up the clothes to have them duplicate them that now they ask me every time I’m there if I do that too. Its sad and I wish there had been protection, some form of copyright at least against the prints that these artists worked so hard on. Urban Outfitters is a fan of ripping off artists both new and vintage..argh.

Recently I was at an estate sale and the woman who was totaling my purchases for me pointed out that a shirt I found was Yves St. Laurent. I was like “Oh really?” I hadn’t noticed, I don’t care about that stuff of course I got charged extra because of the name. To me, it was a cool looking shirt that had a few discolorations that my mom wasn’t sure she could fix. I don’t go out looking for names, there are people who do that and get up at 3am and camp outside homes so they can find the most perfect and most importantly to them designer clothes. Yeah you can make a quick buck, but where I live you have to pay for it. Afterward in the car I was telling my mom that the Yves shirt was kinda cool because I had watched a documentary on him for my fashion drawing class and I found him kinda interesting but other than that I could care less it wasn’t an excellent piece of craftsmanship that withheld against the makeup on the former wearers face or the mark the hanger made on the shoulder..

So needless to say you won’t see me posting blogs or fawning over some designers new looks because I’m just not inspired by that, if you are that’s cool, if you blog about that stuff I’ll look at it but to me a lot of the time it puts me off, its unattainable. Johnny Depp is I think, the most attractive and best actor on the movie screen but he’s got a wife and kids so I’m not gonna waste my time idolizing him. You get me? If you don’t its cool. Basically I like what I like regardless of what it says on the tag and I’m not gonna begrudge you for you liking what you like. I also don’t judge everyone I’ve ever met on what they are wearing, I appreciate when people put effort into their appearance at all and if I like something that they wearing I’ll tell them unless I’m being shy. I love when people are adventurous with fashion even if it crazy and in my opinion their outfit doesn’t match, I think its incredibly awesome that they have the guts to be themselves, I admire it. Hey I used to get made fun of for some of the things I put together among other things, it ended up giving me more confidence to go crazier. In my head I was thinking “you think this is weird? wait till you see this!” I certainly don’t get dressed in the morning the way I do to rouse up compliments, I dress the way I do because it makes me happy, I enjoy it. Getting dressed every day is my creative me time that I get to play with everyday and its fun! Keep fashion lighthearted! Its meant to be fun besides serving the necessity of covering ones self!

hearts, meg

meg darling

Hello there I'm meg darling!
I am a vintage clothing & costume enthusiast, owner of Storyland Vintage, fun seeker, Elvis lover, cocktail drinker. EST 1987.

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