how did you get into vintage?

This is a question I get asked often and usually I just rattle off a different reason every time a new person asks me. I thought it would be fun to list a few of these reasons…
– I grew up in old houses that my grandfather and great grandfather built.
– I watched Betty Boop cartoons on Sunday afternoons as I child.
– I must have been born in the late 30’s or early 40’s in a past life.
– Because I’m an Aquarius and an old soul.

But the truest answer is more lengthy..

I started getting into vintage clothing in high school. During that time I began coming into my own and started heavily experimenting with fashion and listening to different music. I listened to a local radio station where I heard independent music and used Kazaa(old school) to randomly find music that are still my favorite bands today. I began evolving into a 80’s fashion style with bright colors and I mean bright as in neon. I hated school and getting myself up in the morning was a challenge so the bright colors and poppy music perked me up and if I looked bright, I felt brighter. I’m from NY but I find the whole non-color sweaters during winter so depressing. I got made fun of for my choices but after awhile I took any type of feedback as fuel to my fashion fire and I felt I could burn any naysayer with my 80’s slouch boots. The nastiest instance was when a girl drew a picture of me during a SAT prep exercise on a large index card for the word “pallid” which I will never forget today because it means pale. She drew my pigtailed head and what I was wearing that day on the front with the word and you had to guess the meaning on the back and she had to present it to the whole class(I totally could have gotten her in trouble but instead I cried inside). So not only was it my fashion being ridiculed but also my pale skin, and living where I do out East on Long Island, how dareeee I not tan!

But anyway, I was heavily into the 80’s, 80’s music and 80’s style and I began thrifting. At the same time I was also getting into old movies via my Musical Theater movie watching class and History of Cinema movie watching class. When prom time came around in 11th grade I wore a red 80’s dress that was reminiscent of the 50’s except with a shorter hem and less detailing. Then a few months after that I bought a 50’s prom dress on Ebay and wore that at my BF at the time’s senior prom. In 12th grade I started wearing more vintage dresses year round and when it came time for my senior prom I wore a 40’s green and gold wiggle dress that was owned by a torch singer.  I really connected to the vintage clothing I was wearing, especially my white 80’s slouch boots which are so ragged but I refuse to throw out to this day because they were a pioneer in my fashion history. I got into learning and teaching myself how to make websites at 15 so at 16 I already had a LiveJournal where I sold my closet cast-offs and I started selling my thrift store finds. I wasn’t the first gal to do it but I really took up a love for it that hasn’t died. Some of my fashion choices I made then I shake my head at today but I was happy about them at the time and I’m glad I experimented then because it made me who I am today.

hearts, meg

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