hollywood and VINE!

(Whenever I hear or say Hollywood & Vine in my head I hear Marilyn Monroe saying it as she did in my favorite movie of hers, Bus Stop)
One day during my California spent was spent looking at the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame. I think it’s incredibly silly and I would rather actually go about seeing a celebrity in person than look at a dumb star in the sidewalk but you kinda gotta do it at least once in your life, right? Right!

of course this photo op area was empty before i stood next to marilyn and then a bunch of people had to gather around...and then i felt even more awkward

giving casey kasem some much needed photo attention, i loved listening to his voice doing the countdowns growing up, it reminds me of growing up in my hometown

i love johnny depp for his incredible acting ability alone...yeah..

i like the roosevelt because it is known or was known to be haunted, i wanted to go inside but i didn't know if i could or not

Red and black dress – Vintage(I’ve posted it before)
Wicker purse – Vintage
Black bow sandals – Go Jane, Bamboo(these were like $6 I bought them because I didn’t care if they broke on the trip)
Brown Bakelite/Lucite bracelet – Vintage
Black Sunglasses – Persol

hearts, meg

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