go with your gut.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned its to follow your gut instinct in life. Whether its to take a different route home or to go down that aisle at the thrift store. I experienced the latter this past week when I eyed a great, turquoise, vintage hair curler set at an antique store that I ended up not purchasing. Soon after I ended up at a thrift store I wasn’t planning on going to and something told me to go down a certain aisle. Low an behold what was on that aisle….the same exact set of curlers I had spotted earlier that day! Crazyness! I also found that day some goofy “massagers” that I had to take photos with and do my best Price is Right model impression 😉 And to top it all off a stranger told me I looked like a movie star so all in all it was a great day!

I also stumbled upon this iGallop at a thrift store and had to take a photo with it. Of course! If only it was plugged in I could join the likes of Ellen, Anderson Live and The View ;p

Wardrobe: Top – Vintage ♥ Sweater – Vintage ♥ Pants – Urban Outfitters ♥ Shoes – Madewell

hearts, meg

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