give coldwater canyon back to the coyotes.

venice beach, it was breezey and the water was freezing

My favorite part of my trip besides the general excitement everyday of being in California was getting to do studio tours. My favorite was the Warner Brothers one but I also went on the Universal Studios studio lot tour which was more of a cheesey ride in the theme park instead of an actual tour but I enjoyed it anyway.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios Hollyweird
me and Jimmy Fallon, you were great on Fallon

Warner Brothers Tour

the hangover car
RUSSELL BRANDS CAR from Arthur with my dad
carrie bradshaw was seen here
exterior from PUSHING DAISIES best part of the tour
how the pie hole looked on the show

One of my favorite things about being in CA

being able to buy liquor at Target, CVS, everywhere

Venice Beach Wardrobe
Cardigan – Forever 21
Vintage dress – Ebay

Universal Studios Wardrobe
Pink White Striped top – Forever 21
Denim shorts – Anthropologie

Warner Brothers Wardrobe
White Blouse – Forever 21
Owl print vintage skirt – Ebay

Alcoholic;) Wardrobe
Desert print vintage dress – Ebay
Vintage belt – Ebay
Cardigan – Urban Outfitters
Vintage Wicker Bag – Estate sale

hearts, meg

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