for just a moment or twooo.

christmas tree oh christmas tree that i decorated
me looking very much like my nanny and my silly niece
baby nephew aka the droolmaster

Long time no see! Hope ya’ll had a nice Christmas/Holidays. Mine was kinda disappointing as the usual Christmas festivities were cut short due to a blizzard hitting Long Island and the tri-state area. And as always there was a bigger build up to Christmas than the actual holidays themselves. I am glad I got to spend time with my niece and nephew though and there were great moments of my sister and I crying laughing because of something her daughter would say. Like when she repeated something I said in a Pennsylvania Mcdonalds bathroom that wasn’t something she should be saying. It was hilarious but I’ll watch what I say in front of her next time(maybe).

The pictures above were taken Christmas Eve and are from when I decided to try out my Joycam Polaroid camera which I received for Christmas forever ago. The first package of film that I opened didn’t work but the next package did and out came these pictures. Yes these are real Polaroids:)

Tan and Black dress – even though you can’t really see it..Selongsta on Ebay
Red Sweater – Anthropologie

hearts, meg

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