Flyin’ High Now

When in Philli, you must run up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum and pose like Rocky! If you don’t do it and photograph the moment, how will anyone else know you were there?! Continue reading for more fun things from my Birthday trip to Philli..

I asked our waitress the night we arrived for any recommendations for places to check out and she said she didn’t go out much but said she’d grab “one of us” which meant a waitress from NY to give us a list. Later the fellow New Yorker came over with a list of places to check out. Everything she told us that we went to was incredible…

One of the places she told us about which is right up my alley is a ‘Nawlins style frozen drink wonderland appropriately named Fat Tuedays

On the recommendation of a friend of mine, I stopped by Tommy Dinic’s in Reading Terminal Market and had a delicious pulled pork and pepper sandwich(they were out of the beef), although my body probably hated me for eating bread, it was great

Historic district

Stumbled upon a fancy restaurant named Whiskey Village and had one of the best cocktails ever that I purely ordered for the name but I actually loved the Ginger Rogers cocktail almost as much as the actress! It’s owned by some big shot chef named Jose Garcia(I love food but I wouldn’t call myself a foodie and I didn’t recognize the name) but I recommend the duck fat fries with melt in your mouth short rib

Experienced losing my arm in a simulation for an exhibit of the Civil War at the Mutter museum

Philli was a beautiful, clean and kind city to us from the bartenders to a stranger on the street that helped us navigate the subway(you don’t find that in NYC….unless you ask me, but I’m from LI and in the same clueless boat most of the time)! I highly recommend visiting and hitting up some of the places I mentioned, especially Eastern State Penitentiary from my last post if you are into architecture, haunted locations and/or history! I sooooo look forward to visiting again in the future and hitting up all the antique shops I didn’t get to visit this trip 😀

hearts, meg

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