Finally found.

There are a few vintage items I have wished and longed for, for quite some time. To my surprise I made 2 of these long awaited fines while antiquing on a trip upstate :) When I first laid eyes on this rather odd piece of artwork(pictured above) I immediately recognized the females face as the same from the paintings in the amusement park I grew up going to since infancy. The antique owner was impressed that I had even recognized what it was and told me it came from Storytown founders, Charles Wood’s estate! Despite the weird albeit cool subject matter, I had to take it home with me as a sweet reminder of the other paintings that used to be throughout the park and served as inspiration for me for years.

I also picked this top hat off a very tall antique store cabinet, almost out of reach and barely visible. Although I never intend to wear it, as a huge Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers(2 of my cats are even named after them) its a rare piece of history and style that I only want to sit on my shelf! All the other top hats I have found throughout the years were $90+, in rougher shape and didn’t have the great texture this one has with the beaver fur. It just goes to show that if you keep an eye out you never know what you will discover!

hearts, meg

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