extending the SLV family tree.

Meet the newest member of the Storyland Vintage family, Marian! Marian is a very glamorous mannequin head that came to us straight from the heart of Texas!

I like to name my mannequins after inspirational women or the places I got them and this mannequin head is no exception. Marian is named after one of my favorite people I have ever met, the real Marian is a very glamorous woman even in her older age, tells great stories, has an extensive vintage collection herself and let me(yes let me) purchase a very precious hat from her collection a few years ago and to this day it is my favorite hat and has brought me much luck over the years. I don’t know if immortalizing her by using her name for the head is anything for anyone to be happy about or proud of but it allows me to say her name and think of her when I do.

hearts, meg

meg darling

Hello there I'm meg darling!
I am a vintage clothing & costume enthusiast, owner of Storyland Vintage, fun seeker, Elvis lover, cocktail drinker. EST 1987.

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