giddy up!

Around Christmas time, my sister had found some great little dala horse key-chains online and told me that I could make them. I said I would so I finally got around to making her and I one and I went a little overboard..I made 5! Once I got the pattern and technique down I didn’t want to stop. I have tons of vintage scraps lying around(color coded in Ziplocks organizational nerd alert) so I loved putting them to use to make these. Plus the key-chains I bought came like 20 in a pack so I still have quite a bit left. I could post a tutorial if anyone is interested. They aren’t perfect, I am not a master seamstress and they don’t scream dala or Swedish for that matter but they are homemade by me with love so I hope my sister likes the ones I made for her! Maybe next time I’ll add some stitches to look more like the Swedish horses.

hearts, meg

meg darling

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