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A few months ago I was able to fulfill a dream by visiting the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana. There are so many things that surprised and excited me about the city and mainly the French Quarter but its just one of those places I knew I would love. The character and charm in that city is abundant along with the great food and liquor. Not to sound like an alcoholic but I think truly the thing that fascinates me to this day the most is the fact that you can walk around outside and drink, maybe because in New York its taboo and you would actually get fined/put in the back of a cop car for doing so but its also very homey and not as uptight a city as NY is. I have fashioned myself a kind of “Southern” girl on the inside even though I have lived on Long Island all my life so it was nice to be in a city that was warm in temperature in the cold winter months of NY but also warm in personality. The thing that most inspired me to want to see the city was back in 1999 when the Real World did a season there, kind of a cheesy reason but I really loved the cast that season and was really drawn to the culture even though I was barely a teenager then. I found out where the house was located and had to take a picture outside(as seen above) the house doesn’t quite look the same as it did then but its such a gorgeous vintage home on its own. Of course I had to name this post after the unequivocal theme song of that season which I had playing in my head for the duration of my trip.

cafe du monde
love the neon sign
palm trees smile
new years eve

I tried so many new foods while in Louisiana like crawfish etouffee and even GATOR! But the thing I enjoyed most and actually took home with me has to be my new found love for beignets from the famous Cafe Du Monde. I bought a box of mix by the restaurant and I make them at home now with Cafe Au Lait. Not quite the same experience making them at home as being in the Big Easy but still delicious. I know I’ll be back in New Orleans one day:)

Dresses – both Vintage
Blue Sweater – 50’s Vintage

hearts, meg

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