come fly with me.

Naturally Halloween is my favorite holiday as a lover of fashion and dressing up. Halloween is a big deal to me(see years previous here and here) and this year I decided to dress up as a Pan Am stewardess. I was inspired by the TV show Pan Am and my love of airports(except the invasive security checks, no thank you) and the urge I have been having this year to work in an airport(if only Jet Blue had uniforms like the Pan Am stewardesses in the 1960’s). And although I am going against my trend of dressing as a man and woman every other year, I knew I had to do it this year if I was gonna do it at all, so I went for it! My costume was put together on little time and money because I was certainly not going to drop $1,500 plus on an authentic Pan Am uniform on Ebay(oh yeah that happened!). I had a lot of fun with it and felt very in character, confident and poised like a real Pan Am stewardess. Happy Halloween!

Wardrobe: Wig- My Costume Wigs ♥ Faux pearl earrings- Forever 21 ♥ Hat- Handmade from LollyMist ♥ Suit- vintage, Etsy ♥ Blouse- Anthropologie ♥ Gloves- local costume shop ♥ Pan Am bag – vintage, Etsy ♥ Pan Am pin – vintage, Etsy ♥ Heels – Steve Madden, DSW

hearts, meg

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