clam chowder and french fries.


Many afternoons of my childhood were spent walking the board walk and on the soft, sandy beaches of Jones Beach. I have great memories there, playing on the pirate ship, fainting along the shore, burning my legs going down the molten lava hot slide and eating Manhattan clam chowder and french fries with my parents. I hadn’t been there for 10 years or so until this September. It was one of the last official days of summer, and the temperatures had already started to lower but I loved the trip just the same. I especially loved how little things had changed, when I had thought most of the buildings I had walked around would have surely been torn down by now. Although I was a bit under the weather, I still managed to have fun in my Bicycle printed romper, that I was wearing for the first time. I finally found a romper that actually fits my long torso! I think most of my clothing has some sort of print on it except for most of my tops because I just loveeee a wacky print! When I found this one in a thrift store I gasped so loud and pulled it off the shelf so fast it was Mike from American Pickers speed(high five if you get that).

Then: (parents dressed me up as a baby marshmallow!)

60’s Bicycle Print Romper – thrifted
Red belt – from a vintage dress
Red flats – Target
Vintage Wicker purse – an antique store

hearts, meg

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