fancy meeting you here.

While on my usual trip upstate, NY my mother and I reminisced with my brick wall 😉 and then had some fun antiquing.

Wardrobe: Dress – vintage ♥ EarringsMax & ChloeBracelet – Vintage

hearts, meg

making the most of it.

One weekend I decided to do the unthinkable and trek out further East on Long Island on a summer weekend to check out some antique sales. I was blessed to not hit any of the usual Hampton’s traffic but the sales ended up being busts…so my boyfriend and I made the most of it and stopped by a winery for a tasting because that’s how we do! Cheers!

Wardrobe: Blouse & Skirt – vintage ♥ Jewelry – vintage

hearts, meg

what's mine is yours.

You may be getting double vision with some of the items available in the Storyland Vintage Etsy shop..

Calico vintage skirt as seen on the blog here

Minutes from Paradise vintage dress

Polka Dolka vintage skirt

Ah, Pretty Pretty vintage dress as seen on the blog here

Sombrero Charro vintage skirt as seen on the blog here

Uncle Sam/Aunt Sam vintage sweater

Ladybugs, Flowers & Butterflys OH MY! vintage skirt as seen on the blog here

Anchors Away vintage dress as seen on the blog here

Blossom vintage dress as seen on the blog here

Neckline Full of Posies vintage dress

hearts, meg

flora & fauna.

On one very warm(what were we thinking?!) summer afternoon, handsome & I went on an adventure to the Planting Fields in Oyster Bay, NY. It was my first time to this arboretum and park and I was surprised by the size and splendor of the property and also the countless wedding couples and parties that were there photographing their big day;p. But amongst all the white gowns, rose gardens and statues was my pale, vintage wearing, sweating self still managing to be the big kid I am in the summer heat running around the fields like I was Pete & Pete’s Mom/having a Sound of Music moment.

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are we there yet?

Sometimes some of the best parts of a trip can be the anticipation of arriving somewhere or in this case, the fun we had on the trip home. My boyfriend and I made a plan to stop at one of my favorite diners for some burgers and to admire the interior of this historic diner in upstate, NY…

Wardrobe: Dress – Vintage ♥ Jacket – Lulu’s

hearts, meg

adventures in antiquing.

No trip is complete without antiquing, and this recent trip upstate I took was no exception. I stopped at one of my favorite antique stores in the area and like a moment in American Pickers someone at the shop saw what I was wearing and referred me to a shop in the area with vintage clothes. I wasn’t going to go it was like 100 degrees outside and I had spent hours shopping already but I said what the heck my boyfriend and I decided to visit the shop. Unfortunately there wasn’t any men’s vintage that was long enough in the arms for my handsome but I walked out with like 20 1950’s blouses that had never been worn and fit me perfect. I’ll have to thank the man that referred me to the shop if I ever run into him again but I think he’ll be receiving thank you’s from the shop’s owner as I spent way too much $$$! Here’s a peak at some of the cool antiques I spotted on my trip…

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she's my coney island baby.

A couple months ago I scored a great Groupon offer for Luna Park at Coney Island because I love a great discount and I wanted to visit with my boyfriend this Summer anyway. Things have been really busy lately and the Groupon was set to expire the day after the Mermaid parade so it seemed like the perfect time to take the trip out to Brooklyn. Unfortunately sleeping-in and traffic on Long Island kept me from seeing the actual parade but I still managed to see a mermaid or two and have a fun packed afternoon and evening of rides and great food.

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holding hands, looking up at the sky.

Happy 4th of July! Here’s wishing you a fun & safe fourth with lots of pretty fireworks and lots of yummy BBQ! ♥

(Photo from 4th of July last year)

Wardrobe: Dress – 1940’s vintage ♥ Heels – White Mountain

hearts, meg


With tomorrow being the 4th of July, I think it’s an appropriately patriotic time to look over my photos from my boyfriend and I’s trip upstate to Fort Ticonderoga in Ticonderoga, NY. It was such a beautiful drive up to the fort and the views at the fort on Lake Champlain were stunning. It was interesting to hear war stories from our tour guide, to see people in period costumes and to view antique weaponry in one of the buildings. I was hoping to find some ghosts or paranormal activity on the trip but alas all I got was a creepy feeling in one area of the buildings but it was still a fun day a top of a fort!

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