Round and Round We Go.

Just like last year, it isn’t summer without a trip with my sisters family to the Magic Forest! It was a beautiful day in the Adirondacks watching my niece and nephew smile and scream! I’m a big kid but I can still ride a few of the rides, play pinball and eat the most delicious LIME yes LIME flavored cotton candy.

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Star Spangled Meg.

Early this month I flew cross country to visit my brothers family and meet my new baby nephew in California! My Fourth of July was spent at a community park eating a hamburger, petting animals in a little petting zoo they set up and later on running through the sprinklers with my nephew and catching the best fireworks show I had ever seen!

Wardrobe: Dress – Vintage 1940’s ♥ Pin – Vintage ♥ Jewelry – Vintage ♥ Belt– You guessed it, vintage!

hearts, meg

Darling so it goes, some things are meant to be.

The end of May marked my favorite time of the year: Lake George ELVISFEST!!! After having such a blast at my first ‘fest last year, nothing was going to stop me from a weekend with the king! 😉 This year was even more special to me because not only was it the *11*th(my favorite number) Annual Lake George Elvisfest but I was also single this time around and was enthused to be in a sea of Elvis’ and show my mother a really fun birthday weekend!

“While the moon is on the sea, the night is young and so are we….”

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Gone Adventuring.

One of the greatest parts about being a vintage buyer/hunter/’picker is that you never know what you are going to find and what kinda place you will be visiting! I decided to venture to a sale one day and didn’t expect to find much and I was just going to stop by because I was in the area. To get to the sale my Mom and I had to drive through these large brick towers and past residences that reminded me of apartments I had seen in European movies. I felt like I was suddenly out of the country! On the way to the sale I passed street names like Featherbed Lane and Princess Gate and the tiniest most charming buildings fit for a fairytale! There was a pond with a fountain in the center when you arrived and of course there was a duck in that pond almost perfectly arranged to be swimming around it. The sale was inside one of these tiny, vintage residences and I managed to score some vintage jewelry including my current obsession: vintage clip-ons! On the way out of the area I snapped a few photos and of course had to jump out the car and have my Mom snap a photo of me in front of one of the majestic towers.

I ended up posting a photo on my Facebook and immediately one of my girlfriends “yelled” at me for going to *Midgetville* without her! I was cracking up, for years I had read about the town on LI oddities websites and had always wanted to check out the tiny homes but I had no idea when I was there that, that’s in fact where it was! How exciting and fun it was that I got to go to a sale in one of these homes :) And don’t worry Jen, I’ll take you with me next time!

Wardrobe: Denim Jacket – thrifted and hand dyed it ♥ 1950’s dress – thrifted ♥ Flats – Madewell

hearts, meg

It happened at the World’s Fair.

April 22, 2014 marked the anniversary of the NY 1964 World’s Fair opening. On this special day for the first time in many years, people were invited to tour the World’s Fair Pavilion. My mother and uncle were children in 1964 and Swedish danced at the fair and were photographed in an article in the newspaper for the event. So with my family’s connection to the fair and also my own fascination with vintage clothing and local history I had to check it out! So a friend and I embarked on the journey from Eastern Long Island to the fairgrounds in Queens. When we arrived that afternoon we were greeted with the longest line we had ever seen with thousands in attendance just to get a 10 minute peak into the pavilion, donned in construction hats. But we stuck it out, I reveled in sharing the same experience with my friend and strangers, ate some World’s Fair waffles from a food truck, took shelter from a rain shower and sometime around 5pm we got in!

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It was so fun to get a peak inside 😀

My mom was positive that there wouldn’t be any map tiles left in the pavilion, sure and funny enough the first tile I saw had a familiar town:

Wardrobe: 1950’s dress – Ebay ♥ Vintage trench coat – thrifted

Except for photo of the line, photography is by Nicolai Patrick

Looking for more 1964 World’s Fair fun? Check out this It’s A Small World video!

hearts, meg

Finally found.

There are a few vintage items I have wished and longed for, for quite some time. To my surprise I made 2 of these long awaited fines while antiquing on a trip upstate :) When I first laid eyes on this rather odd piece of artwork(pictured above) I immediately recognized the females face as the same from the paintings in the amusement park I grew up going to since infancy. The antique owner was impressed that I had even recognized what it was and told me it came from Storytown founders, Charles Wood’s estate! Despite the weird albeit cool subject matter, I had to take it home with me as a sweet reminder of the other paintings that used to be throughout the park and served as inspiration for me for years.

I also picked this top hat off a very tall antique store cabinet, almost out of reach and barely visible. Although I never intend to wear it, as a huge Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers(2 of my cats are even named after them) its a rare piece of history and style that I only want to sit on my shelf! All the other top hats I have found throughout the years were $90+, in rougher shape and didn’t have the great texture this one has with the beaver fur. It just goes to show that if you keep an eye out you never know what you will discover!

hearts, meg

meet me in montauk.

montauk lighthouse
me at the montauk lighthouse

I’m a 20 something year old female but I’m a total kid at heart. This is especially noticeable when I am in someplace new and in nature. Like when my boyfriend and I went out to Montauk last month and I had to run around in the water and pick up lots of rocks and shells…

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memories of palm trees, constantly haunt me.

I fell in love with a little vintage storefront, its in the sweetest little town where there are more vacant buildings than filled…I started dreaming up what I would do with it. Oh the things I would do and create in a storefront…someday, someday.

Wardrobe: Dress – vintage ♥ Jewelry – vintage ♥ Sandals – BC Footwear

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My name is Meg and I’m a mini golf master 😉 Okay, maybe not a master per say but I do love the sport! Yes, it is a sport just because I can wear heels and skirts and mini golf places are usually in such adorable surroundings does not disqualify it from being deemed one! ;p Anyway after I played, I met up with an old friend, Mr. Clown and we shared some laughs…god I am such a dork.

Wardrobe: Dress – vintage ♥ Jewelry – vintage ♥ JacketLulu’sBelt – Anthropologie ♥ SneakersKeds(my favorite!)

hearts, meg

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