$7 DIY Aurora Sleeping Beauty Crown

I was invited to a party the weekend before Halloween and needed a quick costume to wear while my actual Halloween costume was still being made. So, I decided to dip into my Halloween costume vault and resurrect a costume I only wore once in 2008. The resurrection began with removing gum from the skirt(don’t know how that got there but it was a wild night in NYC!) as seen in this Instagram photo.

Luckily the gum removal was a success but I realized that I no longer had the gold sequin headband/crown I wore that night(wild night). So I went on the hunt for a new gold crown. In a pinch the day before I stopped by a dollar store and Party City. I had no luck at the dollar store and was having no luck at the packed Party City store there was just no gold colored crowns besides one with Aurora’s face on a jewel fit for a child. I went up and down each aisle hoping to find an appropriate crown in the bachelorette party section. I was about to throw in the towel when I came upon a greeting card aisle and spotted a section of different sized gold stars:

I grabbed the largest size which comes in a 5 pack of gold stars for $6.99 and made my way to checkout. I figured I would just freehand the crown but thanks to the kind wonder of the internet there was a Aurora crown template online! Now everyone can make a Sleeping Beauty Aurora crown on a budget!

Supplies Needed:
Large pack of 5 gold stars, mine was purchased at Party City

Printed online Aurora template, the one I used is from here

Heavy duty scissors, mine are from Ikea


Pair of finer pointed scissors (optional)

1. Print a template(or free-hand design)

2. Line template up on top of a star, tracing around it

3. Cut shape out with sturdy scissors. Optional: Leave the inner curls of the crown for the finer pointed scissors as the paper can get ragged cutting that part out

4. Repeat steps to make a second cut out. Tip: Extend the ends to ensure it fits and give some extra room for closure

5. Line up the sides of the crown leaving any pen marked sides on the inside of the crown and staple them together. Bobby pin it to your hair. Extra Points: Use blonde bobby pins so they aren’t visible. Add red jewels to make it look like the jeweled version of the crown. Use the leftover stars to make a matching necklace! Or be like me and find a vintage necklace that works right as you are headed out to your carriage 😉

BAM! You’re Princess Aurora! Have a lovely evening and a Happy Halloween, Princess!

hearts, meg

go with your gut.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned its to follow your gut instinct in life. Whether its to take a different route home or to go down that aisle at the thrift store. I experienced the latter this past week when I eyed a great, turquoise, vintage hair curler set at an antique store that I ended up not purchasing. Soon after I ended up at a thrift store I wasn’t planning on going to and something told me to go down a certain aisle. Low an behold what was on that aisle….the same exact set of curlers I had spotted earlier that day! Crazyness! I also found that day some goofy “massagers” that I had to take photos with and do my best Price is Right model impression 😉 And to top it all off a stranger told me I looked like a movie star so all in all it was a great day!

I also stumbled upon this iGallop at a thrift store and had to take a photo with it. Of course! If only it was plugged in I could join the likes of Ellen, Anderson Live and The View ;p

Wardrobe: Top – Vintage ♥ Sweater – Vintage ♥ Pants – Urban Outfitters ♥ Shoes – Madewell

hearts, meg


I would like to take a pause in the regularly scheduled Storyland Vintage Blog programming to bring up a topic that is hitting close to home as of late and that I feel could be useful information especially to the young ladies that may read my blog..

I will be attending a new college in the Fall and I was instructed to take a short online class on domestic violence before class starts in the Fall. In this class I learned that 1 in 3 women* are affected by domestic violence. Domestic violence doesn’t just mean physical harm, it also entails verbal assault and stalking. To learn more about domestic violence, abuse, stalking and healthy relationships you can visit the following websites:,, signs causes and affects, and this site has a ton of different information.This site discusses text-messaging harassment which I am sure most young males and females have both experienced.
*This statistic was pulled from this article.

Sorry if this sounded like a public service announcement! But I felt it was a topic not spoken about enough and if I could arm just one woman with this knowledge and it could help her in the future from getting hurt then its worth it to me. :)

Picture is from my Swedish relatives collection.

hearts, meg

lessons learned.

Over the 5+ years I have been selling online, I have learned a thing or two. Here are the mistakes I made, and what I learned from them. May they be a lesson or some help to other sellers out there!

Amazon Marketplace: If you’ve ever had to take a Law class of any kind, you know how much the textbooks for these classes are. I was enrolled in Business Law and had to buy a textbook that was about $200(this was the days before renting textbooks). At the end of the semester I put it up for sale on Amazon Marketplace for $100+(however much it was going for at the time). The book sold and I shipped it off from NY to CA via standard shipping as per Amazons rules at the time, you were supposed to ship media/standard. Big mistake, the customer claimed to not receive it. I never received it returned to me, and the likeliness of a heavy textbook being stolen is highly unlikely. Amazon took my money and I had no book. Lesson Learned: Always ship Priority on Amazon Marketplace when you will take a significant loss if it doesn’t make it to its destination.

Ebay: I had a large amount of orders to ship one day and I put the wrong shipping labels on the wrong boxes. Lesson Learned: When packaging a large amount of orders, write on the outside of the packages a note to yourself of whats inside if you seal it before putting the label on.

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the spring purge.

I’ve been a cleaning machine lately. I have been clearing out my parents garage and the basement, going through stuff, throwing stuff out and donating bags upon bags of clothes and other items. I’ve also gone through my own closet and belongings and managed to do the same. It feels really powerful to rid my self of this extra weight of all this stuff!

So I would like to share a little tip with you that I came up with to help in clearing up some closet space if you have tons of stuff like me!

1. Go through your closet and take out things that you have never worn, whether it is a pair of jeans, a shirt or a pair of shoes.
2. Separate these items either on one side of your closet if you have that much room or on a chair in your bedroom. I have a rack I put mine on.
3. When your getting ready every morning, take a look at that separate closet of goods and work those items into your attire that day and as often as possible.
4. After awhile of this you can put the items back into your regular closet that you’d like to ultimately keep. If you don’t want it you could donate it, put it on ebay, try and sell it to a Plato’s Closet(or something similar), or give to a friend! And if there is still something there that you just don’t have the desire to wear, get rid of it! If you don’t love it, you don’t need it!

I did this and I actually am wearing different stuff I forgot I had, got rid of stuff and I *drumroll* HAVE ROOM IN MY CLOSET…for new clothes!

hearts, meg

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