Brand Spankin’

We are overstocked here at Storyland Vintage so we are unloading some brand spankin’ new vintage clothing on Ebay!

hearts, meg

It’s Kinda a Funny Story

It doesn’t happen often but as a vintage seller sometimes you find an identical vintage dress in your buying journey! Luckily it happened to be one of my most watched dresses ever, a beautiful lace 1970’s maxi dress perfect for prancing around a Californian desert or even as a bohemian bride! I had no idea I had two of them until I went to photograph the dress and my mind was doing a double take “no…..I sold that one…..this one has a ribbon belt………it’s DIFFERENT!” 😉 Silly Meg!

hearts, meg

Mad Hatter.

Just in….Play mad hatter in a vintage hat from the Storyland Vintage Etsy shop! Also a grand introduction to the newest member of the Storyland Vintage team…Marilyn the mannequin head! ♥

hearts, meg

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