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AHS Hotel

This past Wednesday marked the finale of American Horror Story Hotel. That day I was modeling a batch of vintage clothing and noticed that a couple items on my “to shoot” rack reminded me of the characters from the show. It was a complete happy accident/spur of the moment thing but I got so inspired by the clothes and characters that I completely changed gears and began shooting these new items….

“⭐️⭐️ Welcome to the Hotel Cortez! ⭐️⭐️ We hope you enjoy your stay, enjoy a cocktail at the bar on the second floor and meet our lovely inhabitants. If you need anything at all, please stop by Storyland Vintage on Etsy

Natacha Dress ☠ all the flare of the 1920s with a daring 1980s mini hemline

Liz Taylor Dress ☠ this 1970s lame number is as glitzy and glamorous as the gal herself

March Dress ☠ you’ll look authoritative and proper yet sweet in this 1960s dress

Last but not least the most important character of them all…*drumroll*…. Hotel Cortez Dress ☠ this 1980s dress is sophisticated and dramatic just like the hotel itself

hearts, meg

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it.

I’d like to officially welcome Marie & Mirabelle to team Storyland Vintage! Mirabelle needed a little love and “rustoration” in the form of canvas to cover her naked form that my mom masterfully pinned and sewed onto her. After that all she needed was a little elbow grease from me on her wood base and now she’s ready for her close up, Ms. Demille! 😉 Both Marie & Mirabelle are lovingly named after my next door neighbor in East Meadow, NY. She was a very hardworking woman that kept her household impeccably neat. She would sweep the driveway every day and I remember thinking that it was so silly because she had two cans at the end with a broom laying on top so that no one could pull a u-turn into the driveway at the end of our dead-end street. I would often walk into their garage, getting on my knees and peering into the basement window, watching and smelling her cook “supper” like the little 6 year old creep that I was. But I guess I wasn’t too much of a nuisance, as Marie and her husband Sal both seemed to enjoy my company/harassment and in that loving memory I name these two dress forms after her. ♥

hearts, meg

BAM! 22 Halloween Costume Ideas From Storyland Vintage

As you may have already guessed, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the decorations, the season and most of all dressing up and as much as I love being myself, I enjoy playing different characters for at least 1 day! I’d like to consider myself somewhat of a costume genius 😉 so I scoured the Storyland Vintage Etsy shop for 22 Halloween costume ideas featuring vintage clothing from the shop to inspire some fright and fun!

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Selling vintage is a constant learning experience from buying, selling and researching! This was especially true when it came time to list a vintage dress with a very peculiar print of union labels, International Ladies Garment Workers Union that is. I’m so used to seeing them inside dresses but this rare print became a mystery I just had to solve! Eventually I believe I found my answer in this 1940’s ILGWU photograph…

Source: Kheel Center Cornell University

This dress may have been fashioned for a 1960’s ILGWU event! Way cool!

hearts, meg

Anniversary Sales!

I am celebrating 10 years of selling vintage clothing online all month long in the Storyland Vintage Etsy shop! Every couple days a new section of the shop will be on sale, right now you can get 20% off items in the tops category. Keep track of the sale on the Storyland Vintage Facebook page and be sure to snag that something pretty you had your eye on 😀

hearts, meg

10 Years

This week marks 10 years since I began selling my closet cast-offs on LiveJournal and then started selling vintage clothing for the first time! It’s been such a journey for myself and my business since then! I originally photographed items & modeled in my bathroom with a little point & shoot camera, crazy! Next it was outside in front of a huge hedge and in front of a patterned sheet I hung on the wall. Nowadays I have a dress form, professional lighting and backdrop set up and a DSLR camera. I had no idea that my little hobby would turn into something I completely love and cannot live without! I’m still working on turning that hobby into a successful business and a brick and mortar, but I am so pleased today that I have reached this milestone 😀

Thanks to my Mama the original photographer, assistant buyer and mender! Thanks to my Dad for helping support my dream, dealing with tons of clothes in the house at all times and sorry not sorry that I am not a professional athlete or cop! ;p Thanks to my original dress form Mona and my mannequin heads Marian and Marilyn! And the biggest thank you of all is to you my reader and customers, you light me up! (I know its cheesy but its true!)

And for fun here’s me being my goofy self modeling vintage in 2006-2007:

hearts, meg

Estate Sailor Story

Last week, Mama and I attended an estate sale that was listed as the estate of an actress. In my mind I had hoped it was a glamorous 1950’s actress and that there would be a collection of beautiful vintage dresses, but I figured it could just as well be a local stage actress. Either way I was totally intrigued so off we went! Unfortunately there wasn’t much clothing at all but I did manage to scoop up a darling vintage sweater! When I went to check out I had learned that the actress it belonged too was in fact the real deal, and had been on The Lawrence Welks Show a few times. I was super excited to learn a little about the awesome former owner!

hearts, meg

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