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Sit back in my pink Cadillac.

It was just a regular day, going to the auto shop to pick up my car after some routine maintenance. I remembered that they had been working on a pink Cadillac the week before and wanted to sneak a peak before I left…

Dad: Where’s the pink Cadillac my daughter wanted to look at it
Cashier: It’s in the back. A Elvis looking guy came in yesterday and I was like we have your…

Later I had my mind blown and was not only brought in the back to look at it up close, but she offered to snap photos of me posing with it and INSIDE!! I was beaming ear to ear just looking inside it but actually being inside, brought tears to my eyes and I got very emotional OOPS! Sure its just a car, but after loving 1950’s cars my entire life, it was actually the first time I had been inside one! Afterwards when I returned to my own modern car with my fuzzy turquoise dice hanging, I turned on my Sirius XM app with 50’s on 5 and was not even out of the parking lot when I heard the lyric “Cadillac” sung. I then began to think about how awesome it was to sit in the same style car Elvis had and that I thought Ritchie Valens had a Cadillac in one of my favorite movies growing up, La Bamba. So what was the next song that came on? Ritchie Valens of course! I later learned that it was a Ford Thunderbird but I don’t take those little coincidences for granted 😀

Wardrobe: Peasant Top – 1940’s vintage ♥ High Waisted Jeans – Victoria’s Secret ♥ Sandals – Anthropologie

hearts, meg

Master James

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of checking out the Charles James Beyond Fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. It was such an honor to see his work in the flesh especially after seeing and reading about him in college fashion textbooks for years. I actually got a little starstruck and squealed when I entered the room with the famous Butterfly dress(photographed above)!! I managed to snap a few photos for myself, sorry these aren’t great, but I figure they are worth sharing with fellow vintage lovers!

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Round and Round We Go.

Just like last year, it isn’t summer without a trip with my sisters family to the Magic Forest! It was a beautiful day in the Adirondacks watching my niece and nephew smile and scream! I’m a big kid but I can still ride a few of the rides, play pinball and eat the most delicious LIME yes LIME flavored cotton candy.

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Star Spangled Meg.

Early this month I flew cross country to visit my brothers family and meet my new baby nephew in California! My Fourth of July was spent at a community park eating a hamburger, petting animals in a little petting zoo they set up and later on running through the sprinklers with my nephew and catching the best fireworks show I had ever seen!

Wardrobe: Dress – Vintage 1940’s ♥ Pin – Vintage ♥ Jewelry – Vintage ♥ Belt– You guessed it, vintage!

hearts, meg

You’re dancin’ circles around me.

Truth be told, I hate the color orange especially on me! So, I have had this vintage dress in my collection for quite some time and never wore it. But I decided to give it a go last week and rock this pretty novelty ballerina print!

Wardrobe: Dress – 1950’s vintage ♥ Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens

hearts, meg

10 Years

This week marks 10 years since I began selling my closet cast-offs on LiveJournal and then started selling vintage clothing for the first time! It’s been such a journey for myself and my business since then! I originally photographed items & modeled in my bathroom with a little point & shoot camera, crazy! Next it was outside in front of a huge hedge and in front of a patterned sheet I hung on the wall. Nowadays I have a dress form, professional lighting and backdrop set up and a DSLR camera. I had no idea that my little hobby would turn into something I completely love and cannot live without! I’m still working on turning that hobby into a successful business and a brick and mortar, but I am so pleased today that I have reached this milestone 😀

Thanks to my Mama the original photographer, assistant buyer and mender! Thanks to my Dad for helping support my dream, dealing with tons of clothes in the house at all times and sorry not sorry that I am not a professional athlete or cop! ;p Thanks to my original dress form Mona and my mannequin heads Marian and Marilyn! And the biggest thank you of all is to you my reader and customers, you light me up! (I know its cheesy but its true!)

And for fun here’s me being my goofy self modeling vintage in 2006-2007:

hearts, meg


Hooray! I was able to locate the article of my mother and uncle as children in their Swedish dancing clothes just as they wore and performed in at the 1964 Worlds Fair in New York! Read about my trip to the fair here :)

hearts, meg


Today’s outfit is the reason I say “Play dress-up everyday at Storyland Vintage!” I woke up on the later side this morning, decided it would be a “casual” Friday, that I wanted to wear my high waisted jeans and that I didn’t want to bother with drying my hair. So wet messy bun and vintage scarf in the hair it was! When I picked out the vintage blouse I realized how my look was taking on a very Rosie the Riveter vibe, and rolled up my jeans a bit and put on heeled sandals to dress it up a bit more. I guess someone else agreed because as I was on the side of the road getting some delicious Ralph’s Italian ice a man yelled “ROSIEEEEE” at me out of a passing car. Later in the day I felt very patriotic carrying a flag on a pole around a store for my Mother, just don’t tell anyone my scarf had a Canada print haha! 😉 It may not be for everyone, but my look made me feel very empowered and vivacious today and if there’s one thing I believe in, it’s that fashion should be fun and make you smile, making others smile is just a bonus, kittens!

Wardrobe: Canada Scarf – Vintage ♥ Earrings – don’t remember! ♥ Blouse – 1960’s vintage

hearts, meg

Darling so it goes, some things are meant to be.

The end of May marked my favorite time of the year: Lake George ELVISFEST!!! After having such a blast at my first ‘fest last year, nothing was going to stop me from a weekend with the king! 😉 This year was even more special to me because not only was it the *11*th(my favorite number) Annual Lake George Elvisfest but I was also single this time around and was enthused to be in a sea of Elvis’ and show my mother a really fun birthday weekend!

“While the moon is on the sea, the night is young and so are we….”

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Gone Adventuring.

One of the greatest parts about being a vintage buyer/hunter/’picker is that you never know what you are going to find and what kinda place you will be visiting! I decided to venture to a sale one day and didn’t expect to find much and I was just going to stop by because I was in the area. To get to the sale my Mom and I had to drive through these large brick towers and past residences that reminded me of apartments I had seen in European movies. I felt like I was suddenly out of the country! On the way to the sale I passed street names like Featherbed Lane and Princess Gate and the tiniest most charming buildings fit for a fairytale! There was a pond with a fountain in the center when you arrived and of course there was a duck in that pond almost perfectly arranged to be swimming around it. The sale was inside one of these tiny, vintage residences and I managed to score some vintage jewelry including my current obsession: vintage clip-ons! On the way out of the area I snapped a few photos and of course had to jump out the car and have my Mom snap a photo of me in front of one of the majestic towers.

I ended up posting a photo on my Facebook and immediately one of my girlfriends “yelled” at me for going to *Midgetville* without her! I was cracking up, for years I had read about the town on LI oddities websites and had always wanted to check out the tiny homes but I had no idea when I was there that, that’s in fact where it was! How exciting and fun it was that I got to go to a sale in one of these homes :) And don’t worry Jen, I’ll take you with me next time!

Wardrobe: Denim Jacket – thrifted and hand dyed it ♥ 1950’s dress – thrifted ♥ Flats – Madewell

hearts, meg

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