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but this is not a gift for an ordinary girl who takes care of a screaming baby.

This Halloween I was transformed from a vintage loving gal into the fantastical, magical, sexy, sinister Goblin King, Jareth from the 1986 movie Labyrinth. In the film Jareth is played by the incomparable David Bowie. Labyrinth has always been one of my favorite movies but I was never the girl watching it wishing I was Sarah, I always wanted to be Jareth(although if I was Sarah, I would have been his Queen). He held the power, he had killer outfits and he taught a 7 year old me what boys have and girls do not(it was the tight pants of course). For years I have wanted to dress up as Jareth for Halloween and this year I finally did it and boy did I have fun!

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pink picnic and messed hair.

Vintage Dress – Ebay
Vintage Belt – Came with a dress I got on Ebay
Sweater – F21
Tights – Calvin Klein, Century 21
Shoes – Payless! (these are new and i love them)

hearts, meg

don quixote.

Windmill print vintage top – Ebay years ago
Skirt – Forever 21
Tights – probably Target

hearts, meg

what i wore somewhere.

Dress – thrifted I think, I’ve had it so long I don’t really remember
Belt – Forever 21
Boots – Century 21
Socks – Forever 21

hearts, meg

shes an oldie but goodie.

bathroom photoshoots

I turned 22 years old on February 11th. Which was a very exciting day for me because 2009=2+9=11 and 22 is double 11 and a even higher up numerology number than 11…So basically I feel that for me, it means that its my year to shine, to make IT happen, whatever IT is.

Shiny Gold Party Dress with Bows – Vintage

hearts, meg

22nd birthday party in nyc.

Although it’s not my birthday yet, I celebrated my 22nd birthday in Manhattan last Friday. I stayed at the super stylish Night hotel and met up with friends at a fancy surprise Japanese restaurant for dinner. I had a great time! Most of the dinner was spent gushing over the fact that a certain celebrity was also dining at this very restaurant..Josh Hartnett!!! When he walked in and sat down, he had an air of confidence about him and black and white hipster glasses on which made me notice him. But it wasn’t until awhile later that we noticed that it was indeed Mister Hartnett. It was a fun night! I just wish I got a better picture of him, his head is turned towards his friends in each one. But he was conveniently sitting behind my boyfriend so I could sneak a peak!! Shhh!

60’s sparkly blue dress – local antique store
Fake fur coat – thrifted (it was marked $60, I was like “are you serious?” to the cashier and he was like “nah girl!” no just kidding I didn’t say it like that but the sweet cashier gave it to me half price. which was still a lot for a thrift but I loved it so)

hearts, meg

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