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watch the birds in the airport gathering dirt.

When I had to pick my friend Chad up from the airport so we could see MGMT the following day, I took it as my opportunity to test a career as an airport chauffeur. I came armed with a fedora and a handmade sign and took to JFK airport in my non-town car, a Tom Tom and with our friend Keith. It was a lot of standing around and trying to keep a straight face as a few people would laugh at my sign as they walked by and it was a lot of fun! When Chad’s plane safely landed and he finally came out the double doors he loved the sign.

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MGMT Live on Letterman: Part 2

After the show we decided to hang around because why not? As we were standing away from the crowd a door opened and we saw Ben and Andrew entering an elevator, everyone yelled and Andrew peeked his head out and smiled, it would have made for a nice picture. Later on Andrew exited the building and was flooded by fans. Next out was Ben whom I got to take a picture with.

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i can see the sunshine through my window.

It’s tempting to stay in my pajamas all day when I’m pretty much home all week either working on class assignments or working on Storyland Vintage. I mean no ones gonna see me, it doesn’t matter. But today was one of those days where I felt like getting dolled up, even though I would be in front of the computer all day. And hey I’m not complaining, I love working on Storyland and I have recently taken up the love of watching instant Netflix movies while working! I can kill two birds with one stone! I can make the 500 movies in my Netflix queue go down and make the “items to list” on Storyland number go down as well! Getting things accomplished makes me happy, as did my springy outfit today. Pictures are via my web-cam as I still have not yet learned how to use my digital SLR’s remote.

Vintage Dress – Ebay
Vintage Belt – from another dress I bought on Ebay
Speckled Sweater – Urban Outfitters, sale rack:)

hearts, meg

happy saint patricks day!

Maybe I’ll celebrate it some more a day late by looking up the Irish side of the family on

Vintage 70’s top(that totally had matching shorts at one time) – Beacons Closet

hearts, meg

oh em gee megs 23!

i am an ice cream cake kinda girl
just hanging out in a bathroom

I spent my birthday eating brick-oven pizza one of my favorite meals and hitting the thrifts with my mom. By night I was eating Japanese with the boyfriend for dinner and hanging out with my friends at a empty bar and hanging around in the bathroom taking silly pics!

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tea times.

time for tea

and tea for tony danza..

Wardrobe: Vintage Lace 80s dress – Ebay but I shortened it. This is in my top 5 favorite dresses I own.

hearts, meg

summer-times in 2009. lots of lace.

Waiting on line to get in to Matt and Kim:

Matt and Kim Free Show My friend and I traveled into the city to see Matt and Kim perform a free performance on a pier. We had a blast but what warmed my heart the most and made me glad to make the trip? Kim thanking the audience so tenderly for coming out to seem them, they were so appreciative! There are a lot of bands out there that will be on the stage for 1 hour and not say a word to the audience but to be thanked…I was thankful for her thanking us haha. FYI: It was also an unseasonably cold summer day..I had to wear tights.

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i wanna rock, ROCK!

Tuesday night my mother treated me to seeing Rock of Ages at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre in NYC(discount tickets oh yeah!). It was my first Broadway show and it was an appropriate choice for us with all the scantily clad girls, Constantine Maroulis, booze, the 80s LA scene and rock and roll…okay maybe only the second one. My mom and I were big fans of Constantine on American Idol and let me say his voice surely impressed in person!! He was absolutely fantastic and believable in his role.

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