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casual friday.

This is an extremely rare occasion where I am not wearing a speck of vintage aside from my Nanny’s ring which I always wear and my necklace. It was just one of those days, I had lots of errands to run, flats were needed and my hair needed a dye job, so a hat was worn. In the future though, I’ll be sure to pin my bangs out of the way, I don’t like the feeling of having my bangs squished, it always makes me pull fedoras off after not too long.

denim top – Anthropologie, darn top button won’t lay flat must fix
shorts – Urban Outfitters
hat – Forever 21
flats – Target

hearts, meg

heart to tell.

Hey folks,
I can’t believe it’s fall already! I decided to whip out the lace up boots and some knee-high’s for this gorgeous weather. This week I added 15 more new Shop My Closet items to Ebay. I currently have some more items to go up tomorrow as well including a super adorable Anthropologie tank with a luscious bow on the shoulder. It doesn’t fit me right and black just looks really too black on me right now since I don’t see daylight anymore. Am I preparing for a vampire Halloween costume? No, I’ve just been hard at work behind the scenes for Storyland. I’ve been keeping busy like the busiest of bee’s! I’ve been collecting vintage since 2004, and my collection has certainly caught up with me(I don’t want to be an episode of Hoarders;p). I have so many pretty dresses in store for you! It’s just a matter of how fast I can get them out there. I wish I had an assistant, but it’s only me, myself and I. Oh well, I will as Tim Gunn says “make it work” and back off to work I go!

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To totally dispute myself in my last entry I had to wear this just as crazy printed dress first seen here the day after. This lovely blue dress has fishes and turtles underneathe a white netting. It’s a real fun dress that I wore working all day and although it didn’t get the spotlight it deserves sitting at my desk then, it can now hopefully have the audience it deserves here on my blog!

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beary interesting.

…See what I did there? Like my bear interpretation up there? Who wears white after Labor Day? I do! Whats that orange orb on my pictures? I have no idea!

I’ve had this dress since 2005 I believe and it is hands down the WEIRDEST, WACKIEST dress I own. I mean who else can say they have a vintage dress with hand-painted fishing bears on it with rhinestones for eyes? What made me buy this? I don’t know I was obsessed with buying all my clothes off of Ebay at the time and I guess I’m just the kinda girl that is crazy enough to wear a dress with fishing bears on it. I don’t think it will serve me well in the attracting men department(who cares anyway) but I’m sure some 5 year olds and my niece would think I’m the s*it because she loves her Little Bear and the word “interesting.” I got the urge to wear it again after my days spent in the Adirondacks of upstate NY and upon seeing wood carvings of bears doing pretty much anything you can think of.

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pigtails and polka dots.

I feel like a flower bursting when I wear this vintage dress(which was first seen in this entry). Summers almost over already and I feel like 90% of mine was spent indoors either working or finishing my degree. It’s high-time to go outside and play in the sun and enjoy what’s left of it. I don’t think my skin has been quite this level of pale in years, so I’m gonna spread some deliciously smelly sunscreen on and enjoy these last few summer days!

Dress – vintage

hearts, meg

on the verge of something wonderful.

Things are certainly looking up! This week I had the pleasure of seeing The Dead Weather in Brooklyn. I’ve been listening to The White Stripes since I was 15 but I never got to see them perform because I was either never old enough to see a show when they were touring or I just wasn’t allowed to go(via parentals).  Another time a boy told me for my birthday that he bought me front row tickets and that obviously didn’t happen. Finally seeing Jack White perform was a dream come true, he truly is a performer in all sense of the word. He is such a showman and I believe he rubs off that vision on every band he’s a part of.

The name of this post is from a Darren Hayes song, I recently bought the This Delicate Thing We’ve Made album and I’ve been obsessed with it, I wake up with the songs playing in my head.

Top – Anthropologie
Skort – 90s, thrifted

hearts, meg

got a sad song in my sweet heart, and all I really ever need is some love and attention.


Can you tell I’m in a blue mood lately? I’m going through a rough patch in my life and of course it has to happen all at once(its always feast or famine with me). I’m trying to finish up my last class I need in order to finish degree which I earned 97% of online, so that will show you some dedication and persistence right there. Not to mention that my last class is math related, and math has always been a sore subject with me ever since kindergarten when my teacher pulled me aside to help with a worksheet(I wanted nothing to do with it, but I liked her so I tried).

Other than that, I’m going through some personal things right now that are extremely stressful so much so that I actually lost 10 pounds without knowing it until 2 of my friends noticed I lost weight and I replied “what? no I didn’t” went home, weighed myself and found out, indeed I had. So at least I look better even if I don’t feel it. Besides all that I’m kind of at a crossroads deciding what I’m doing come the end of August, if I am continuing school like I had planned, or am I unable to because of the personal things which could force me to be at home or what. Then top of all that I am frustrated because I can’t work on Storyland as much as I’d like to. I’m just trying to stay as positive as possible and trying to think good thoughts because at this moment thats really all I can do. That and paint my finger and toe nails light blue to cheer me up.

I wasn’t that into my outfit today, but oh well my feet looked pretty..

White blouse – Thrifted
Denim shorts – Forever 21, some brand called “life in progress”
Black sandals – Century 21
Wicker bag – Estate sale I think

hearts, meg

independence day.

My Fourth of July was pretty low-key and spent with friends. I was very American and ate pizza instead of barbecuing, I baked festive cupcakes instead of an apple pie, had a Twilight movie marathon(shut up) instead of spending the afternoon outside and drank champagne instead of beer. What can I say, I am your all around American girl;) Okay, we also had rocket pops and shot off makes up for it.

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it’s a boy.

That little guy up there, my adorable, sweet, baby nephew is the reason the shop was closed for over a week. But Storyland Vintage is back and open for business with new things coming when I can pull myself away from my riveting summer class, Statistics.(I am being sarcosmic, I absolutely SUCK at and can’t stand math)

bunny print halter top – Esprit, thrifted
jeans – James, Anthropologie

hearts, meg

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