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Oh how I am immensely inspired by Coney Island..

Whenever I ride the Cyclone I imagine all my ancestors riding the same coaster and think about how different the experience must have been for them. My favorite ride at Coney Island would have to be the Wonder Wheel. It’s beautifully romantic and it makes me scream like a little girl for my mama when on the NON-stationary car..its frightening don’t let its bright colors and beauty fool spin around a bit at first, see a dog in the stationary car, check out the scenery and the beach. Then you are stopped in the middle, and then you move quickly as if you are going to blow off the side of the ride..yes its scary. I scream every time.

hearts, meg

lovely things.

I Don’t Care About Your Band by Julie Klausner – I first heard about this book from one of those late night talk shows. Julie was a guest and I remember laughing about a story she told, so I told myself to remember to look for her book. Well I didn’t and a few months later I was looking down the aisle at Barnes and Noble which used to hold the antiques books that I like to peruse but instead it now held comedy and there was the book. Despite the somewhat cheesy cover I bought it.
This was the best book I have ever read(I’m not sorry I don’t give a crap about Vonnegut I like to read about real people or antiques which are real things). I laughed,  I sacrificed sleep to read more and I related so much to Julie(except for the promiscuity) and her opinions that it turned a hilarious book of sexual trysts and relationships into a self help book. It was like having the girl friend I’ve always wanted to have share her funny experiences with you but then afterward tell you that we deserve better than that crazy ex-boyfriend and his dirty apartment. I thoroughly enjoyed the bit evaluating an ex who told her to wear less makeup and the psyche of men who say Pam from the Office is their ultimate crush(stay the HELL away from me you non-men).
I wish I could give Julie a huge hug for writing this book, but instead I used the magic of the internet and tweeted her. Being the awesome gal she is she tweeted me back, which made my day. So if you are a 20 something female and are anything like me, or think you are anything like me, read this book. You may get relationship and life enlightenment out of this book as I did and if you don’t laugh then you have no sense of humor and have obviously never had a gay friend. I even cried a bit at the end because I was sad to see it end, that and I’m an emotional lady who cries when she’s happy.

As Julie mentioned in her book she doesn’t have comments on her blog because it’s a “monologue not a conversation” I will not have any comments on this entry.

This entry has brought about a new category of blog posts I will engage in titled “lovely things” it will be whatever I want it to be.

*I was not paid to write this review but if you’d like to pay me, that’d be nice.

hearts, meg

meow meow meow miha, meow meow meow.

I went through my entire Antique Roadshow day-calendar(what a nerd) and I have picked out what I would MOST like to own…

It can be found on the July 24th and 25th sheet or on here. It was *only* appraised for $8,000 but COME ON I could have picked this $20,000 diamond ring which was absolutely gorgeous but I’d rather have the cat. A cat that’s furry and white and comes out of a can and sticks it tongue out when you turn the knob. Its from the late 1800’s and its freakin adorable.

hearts, meg

healthy food taste so good.

When I was a child this was my second favorite video(first was a singing the alphabet hippie animation) on Sesame Street. I loved the dancing fruits and veggies. After watching this however, I would go and down some delicious cookie crisp.

hearts, meg

its better to have loved, then to have never loved at all.

Tonight I watched the original Marie Antoinette movie starring Norma Shearer as Marie Antoinette, Tyrone Power as the handsome Count Axel de Fersen and John Barrymore as King Louis XV. It was a beautifully tragic and depressing movie that had some similarity’s to the 2006 film. I felt that this version told the story more in depth than the newer movie did of course but it some ways pushed parts of Marie’s life into the shadows which is most likely a sign of the times in the 30’s. It was a beautifully staged movie, with luxurious costumes and jewelry, and while it was not as colorful as Coppola’s being in black and white I managed to be almost as entranced. Shearer’s acting managed to annoy me in the first few minutes of the film and have me fully engaged moments later. Plus there is a birdcage headpiece with a real bird in it a top her head. Watch it.
hearts, meg

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